Meet Perry

Hi! I’m Perry, the writer behind this blog. In no way shape or form did I think I would start a blog, let alone, make it public. I created this with the intention for it be full of archived trip “do’s” and “don’ts” along with a gallery of my favorite memories. This idea has evolved since my trip to Salt Lake City, from Southern Arizona. People from all over sent me DM’s asking for my map, suggested places to stop, places to eat, weather, good time of day to travel and more… If you know me, you know this: I am one of the most organized people you will ever meet- organized on an OCD level. The Home Edit is a show I aspire to match in real life. (gives you background on who I am- watch it if you haven’t seen it!) The need for organization and plan is what makes my adventures so fun and thought out. It is a joke in my family that I spend more hours researching for day / weekend trips when the day trip was shorter than the actual planning of the trip. But that is who I am. I will forever be the girl that gets giddy over a detailed itinerary and color coded calendar.

Who am I?

I am a Tucson girl, born and raised. When writing this I am 23. I typically tell people my personal brand is “OPA!” (greek meaning: expression of enthusiasm) O: Outgoing, P: Persistent, A: Ambitious. I work for a technology company in Sales. I have the most incredible partner in crime, Adam Cooley (25). Adam is a financial advisor helping people plan for the future, plan to purchase homes, help with taxes, help plan for life events, life insurance and more. He is motivated by challenge, family, money and success. We have similar brains and work ethic. We work 9+ hour days, with zero to little breaks and completely love our lives. (hey who said work was suppose to be boring!) We started our life together when we moved to Hollywood, California to follow our careers post college. If you are reading this, you know we are living during COVID 19. When COVID hit the USA in March, Adam and I left California with the intention to escape for a few weeks. Little did we know we would end up moving to Arizona and living with my family 8 months later. We have 2 fur babies- this will be a separate blog post that I will link! (Read it and you will understand why)

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