Things to do:

Every time I have been to Sedona, its been for 2-3 day weekend trips. Sedona is beautiful to explore, indulge in delicious dinners and do wine tasting! I put together a list of my favorite attractions / things to do while in Sedona!

  1. Pink Jeep Tours-> A MUST! I’ve done the Broken Arrow tour 3 or 4 times. I should try the others, but this one is so fun. Be aware it is “EXTREME”, if you get car sick or scared during off roading this is not for you. If you enjoy bumpy and wild off-roading- this is FOR you! It is $124 / adult but I really think it is worth it.. You go to some of the most beautiful sites in Sedona while enjoying the adventure.
  2. Wine Tour -> I linked the specific tour I did and I HIGHLY suggest it. I’ve done it twice and both times you get paired with another couple, group or get lucky and you are alone. The first time I was picked up in an SUV Coach (party van) and was with a bachelorette party- which was SUPER fun & the second time we were picked up in a large SUV and another couple joined us. We ended up getting along with the couple and had dinner with them after the tour! Details: You tour 4 vineyards and wine is not included but the cost goes towards the driver, the experience, delicious lunch and a tour guide! OH and if you are feeling crazy- you can bring your own alcohol for the car ride to each vineyard. We went to the Dancing Apache Ranch and FELL in love! I want to get married there one day. It is not normally on the tour because of wedding season but COVID allowed us to visit… HIGHLY SUGGEST! The price comes out to $99 (without any wine) which seems pricing but I really think the entire experience makes it worth it. EXTRA: MAKE SURE TO BRING CASH TO TIP DRIVER! 🙂
  3. Guided ATV Tour- Experience the desert terrain of western Sedona with the thrill of a half-day ATV tour. Ride along rugged dirt trails surrounded by steep canyon walls, red-rock bluffs, and brush, stopping at lookouts and other remote locations far from the crowds. Your guide leads you to the top of Skeleton Bone Mountain, and points out movie filming locations along the way. Highly Suggest wearing sunglasses and clothes you want to get dirty! The dirt can COVER your body at some points of the ride.

Places to Stay

  • Lantern Light Inn 
    • Less Expensive & more Quant! At the end of the day you don’t go to Sedona for your hotel, but this place is really cute and has adorable swings and gardens to make you feel at home. 
  • Enchantment Resort
    • More expensive & exquisite! Worth the money and “boujee” trip. If you plan to stay at your hotel for tennis, pool, spa and a close restaurant, then I highly suggest. The Casitas are beautiful and the views of red rock are unreal.

Where to Eat

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